Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Project 366

Day 29
A bird house in our neighbor's yard.
Day 30
Three icicles that were on our deck.
Day 31
 This lamp post reminded me of the lamp post in Narnia.
Day 32
 I took this picture while we were driving to Omaha. I was really surprised that it actually turned out because we were in a moving car. :)
Day 33
 I drew this heart in the snow and thought it looked really cool.
Day 34
 We've had really pretty sunsets recently.
Day 35
I think these cups are some of the coolest cups ever!! :)
Day 36
Day 37
 My parent's hands shaped in a heart.
Day 38
I think (actually I know) my parents are the BEST in the whole world!!! I couldn't ask for anyone better!!

More to come :)



  1. You've got an amazing set of shots there! Lot's of great variety, but they're consistently excellent.

  2. Love it, Miss Cassandra! Awesome pictures. :)

  3. Hi Cassandra,

    I love your pictures. The lighting on the snow heart was especially pretty. :)

    Regarding the picture that you took from the car, I have noticed that too. It seems to be fairly easy to take a clear picture from a moving car. Maybe a more experienced photographer could explain why... :)

    Have a great day. I miss you!