Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 15
This a Red Lion Amaryllis. We had three pots of this beautiful flower, and I ended up taking this picture the day after it opened. 

Day 16
 I love this frozen water droplet. It had rained that night and frozen, and in the morning the trees were so beautiful.

 Frozen water droplets on crabapples.

Day 18
 The amaryllis was so beautiful for several days, so I tried taking an even better picture of it. I have to say that this is one of my favorites.

Day 20
 We had frost on the trees for seveal days, so I would go out and take photos of the gorgeous frost God sprinkled on the trees.

Day 21
 More frost on pine trees.

Day 22
 Just look at God's wonderful creation!!!!

Day 23
 This is one of my other favorites. I love how the ice looks like little crystals.
Day 24
 I've always wanted a picture with the sun shining through some branches of a tree, and I finally got it!

Day 25
 Grass with frost, not snow.

Day 26
Some more frost :D 
Day 27
 I think that this grass looks like it's rock candy on stems.
Day 28
It was just so beautiful with all the frost covering everything like a white blanket.



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  1. Wow...looks like you had frost for days on end there, huh? Beautiful stuff though...I really like it!