Monday, February 20, 2012

Project 366

The reason there are so many pictures is because, I'm trying to catch up to the day I should be on.
Day 5
Peaches was especially cute with her white headband at Anna Nix's baby shower!

Day 6 
 These are Orange Rolls (which are very yummy!), that were prepared for the baby shower.

Day 7
This little girl is from our church, and I love her big blue eyes.

Day 8
These orchids are some that Anna gave my Mom as a gift for her birthday. I love how the sun is shining through the flowers. I think that they look like there are glowing.

 Day 9
Our silly Sunshine was rolling her water bowl to tell us that she was thirsty. I had my camera as she was doing that, so I said her name and as she looked up, I snapped a picture of our adorable puppy.

 Day 10
This rose was given to my mom as a birthday gift from a friend. The rose was a very beautiful rich yellow and just at the right opening stage.

 Day 11
I actually don't know this little boy, but he and his parents were at an Ethiopia fundraiser. I was in charge of taking the photos and snapped a picture of him as he and his mom were walking by, hand in hand.

 Day 12
 Yes, Famous Dave's! While Mom was gone at an adoption confrence for moms, Dad treated us and took us out for lunch. As Dad put it, we were eating out of a trash can lid. :)

 Day 13
After eating at Famous Dave's, we went to a museaum that had recently opened. Since Mom wasn't there to be our family photogher, I took the job. This is a beautiful antique piano.

Day 14
This is the leg of the piano. You can see how beautiful it is.

There are still more to come. I hope you enjoy!


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  1. Even more amazing shots! I think Day 8 is my favorite from this batch...I love how the light is shining in through the petals!