Monday, November 14, 2011

A Fun Friday

On Friday, the eleven of us went on a picnic for lunch. We tried going to the Anderson Dance Pavilion, the place we usually have our breakfast picnics. The Pavilion has a canopy over a cemented part, and had beautiful flowers all around it. Unfortunately, the Pavilion was closed because of all the damage the flood did this summer. Instead, we decided to go to a park. We had Little Caesar's pizza (which I think is one of the best kinds of pizza!). After eating lunch, some of us went off to play on the playground, some took pictures, and others sat and talked.

Here is Alexander swinging, while attempting to play football with Mark.
Natasha and Amy were sharing the seesaw. Then, Amy got distracted by something and ran off, leaving her sister dangling.
Oksana, our little superstar :), with multiple photographers taking pictures of her at the same time.

Daria and Tatiana swinging together. Daria is reaching her hand out to grab the hand of Tatiana.
As I watched them, it seemed to me like it would be hard to hold hands while moving in opposite directions.
Tatiana making her landing after jumping off the swing.

Natasha hanging upside down on a piece of equipment that looked like a snail.

My cool, awesome, handsome, and bearded brother, Joe. 
Some of my favorite people in the world!! My sister Lissie, and brother Joe.  

We had a great time together!!

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