Monday, November 7, 2011

Fun Day of Baking!

On Saturday, my cousin Amanda and I baked a lot of banana bread. The last time we went to the grocery store, we got WAY too many bananas! That was a very big surprise for our family because we usually go through them very fast. However, we weren't able to eat them fast enough this time, so we had to find recipes that had banana in them before they went bad. So, we decided to mutiply the recipe by 6; each recipe used three bananas. So that is a lot of extra bananas :D

This is the batter of the banana bread with chocolate chips. It weighed 18 pounds :)

This is the big bowl that we used to mix all the ingredients. This is the same bowl I used to make Anna's wedding cake, which weighed 24 pounds. (Some will know what I'm taking about.)  

Amanda with the ginormous bowl. 

That's how many loaves of bread we made. 

The bread after it was done baking! Yum!
 Yes, you may have noticed that there are only six loaves of bread here :D That does happen in a large family. Before the last two loaves of bread were done, someone had gotten into one of the loaves.

This is what was left of the seventh loaf even before all of them were done!

I love being part of a large family! It's so much fun. And I love baking in large quantities. If you're going to cook or bake, why not do it in big amounts? :) I think that every one should have a big family!! :D

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