Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Water Everywhere!

On September 26th, we had the worst water accident I think that we have ever had!! It happened as we were getting ready to read the Bible after cleaning up breakfast. Kristen, who is our home school helper, had just come in to have Bible time with us. Lissie, Mark, and I were in the kitchen when we heard a rushing noise. We looked over at the sink, and we saw water gushing out from under the cupboard doors. We opened the doors and the water was rushing out like a fountain. It poured for about five minutes at the same rate. We used practically every towel in the house.

All the towels after they were washed!

Walking among the towels was like being in a marsh, because everything was so soaked! Then, Mark saw a knob under the sink, which he turned. Thankfully, it stopped the water.

We realized the water wasn’t just pouring upstairs, but it was also seeping into the basement.

(And no we're not cooking dinner :D)
We used every pot and pan in the house, and even plastic boxes!!

We found out later that a pipe had burst underneath the sink. Apparently, the cleaning chemicals had eaten away at the pipes. Mom called our plumber, and he came within ten minutes. The plumber didn’t know if we would need to cut some of the ceiling in order to dry, so he called our contractor who has worked for us for a long time, and knows our house well.

While we were waiting to for the man to come, Joe got on a ladder and dried a lot of the water that was still in the ceiling.
 When the contractor came, he said that it would dry on its own.
Thank God we didn't need to do anything further with the ceiling!
What a way to start of the week!!

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